How do you get rid of unsightly veins in your legs?

Veins are classified as the blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood from your body to your lungs and heart. However, with all the turns and twists, as veins become thick they become swollen and are referred to as varicose or most often spider veins. Typically it is the “nervures” that become varicosed found in the thighs and legs.

Here are five of the safest tips to get rid of unsightly veins in legs:


This is the most popular treatment which injects salt solutions into the infected vein. This allows the walls of the vein to swell, then hold and seal shut. When there is no more blood flowing into those veins, they become scar tissue and after a few weeks they slowly die away. Many times to achieve successful removal you would need to be treated more than once. But because it’s not a painful procedure it doesn’t require anesthesia and your doctor will do it in his office.close legs

Laser leg vein treatment

This is one of the most modern ways of treating this disorder. Powerful bursts of laser light are passed through the vein during treatment which causes it to disappear. Since lasers are known to be precise and direct it easily and effectively eliminates veins. However, patients were known to feel some painful sensation of heat which doctors tend to minimize using various methods of cooling. That being said laser surgery for veins greater than 3 mm is not recommended.

Endogenous methods

This approach for removing veins in legs incorporates the radio frequency and laser technologies to treat spider veins effectively. First place a micro-sized catheter in the affected vein. The system then sends laser energy that shrinks, and eventually seals the wall of the vein.a girl

Surgery Used for the removal of large spider veins. A doctor will surgically close the vein from the leg and shut it off. Doctors, however, would only be able to extract veins found near the skin surface that are responsible for extracting blood from the wound.

Endoscopic vein surgery

This method of treatment with the leg vein uses a tiny camera that looks into the veins, in which small cuts eliminate these. This operation, like surgery, has to be done under anesthesia but after a few weeks patients will return to their daily routine.

The simplest and perhaps most effective way to prevent the creation of this condition is to wear graduated compression support socks / storages. The more often you will wear these stockings the longer it will take for the veins to develop.